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Ever got a picture home only to regret your choice of frame or mount? You thought that colour would work well with your decor but it just doesn't.  What were you thinking!

Avoid costly mistakes by choosing your framing requirements in the comfort of your own home.  I offer a home visit service where I can bring mount and framing samples to you.  This way, you can appreciate the true colour and style of your choice and see how it works in your home, with your decor and lighting.

Free service within a 10 mile radius of Hartest.  

There is a small charge thereafter to account for time and transport costs.  Fully insured.

Contact me for more details or to book a consultation today!

Contemporary Framing - Despite the enormous range of ready made frames available, we are heartened that there remains a large demand for bespoke framing, where a mass produced shop bought frame just won't do.  Whatever the image, we can make it unique to you and your home with a beautiful and well made frame.

Box Frames -  Ideal for floating prints or objects.  We make a deep recessed frame and use a  spacer to separate the glass from the artwork creating a shallow box. Perfect for showing off 3D works, sports tops, badges and medals.

Mounts - single, double, triple! Wash line finished, sand gilded effect (Traditional 18th century technique), solid colour core, decorated, black core…The choice is yours!  However we insist on using quality acid free conservation or museum quality  board.

Textiles - With the current sewing and stitching craze, we have seen an increase in the demand for framing textiles.  Your creation will be hand laced over museum quality board.  No glue allowed! 

Glass - There are many different types of glass now available with differing levels of reflection and clarity.  

Satisfaction guaranteed! - Full refund available if you are unhappy with any aspect of my workmanship.


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